Sunday, July 1, 2012

FIELD NOTES: The original Sunny 'D'... I'm running into Big Y for salad and some wild sockeye to grill, when I am stopped still in my tracks by a curbside rack filled with $12.99 sunflower patio's the middle of another heat wave and still only the last day of June, so crabbiness is an easy commodity to come by, but I grab one of their new mini-carts and wheel this beauty around the store in my black-white-turquoise sundress...this lovely kept getting liked for looking so happy I wish I was getting a sales commission...Moral of the Story: when you have a little paycheck, a little AC and a little poison ivy, find a great big yellow sunflower that makes strangers smile, go home, throw some fish on the grill, pour some Pinot Grigio in a Polish crystal wine glass, find Andrea Bocelli on Pandora and you'll be dancing around the kitchen in your sundress, even if nobody's home... NOTE: THIS IS A TRUE STORY

FIELD NOTES: The rest of the 'tail'...

The cat that ate the birdies.
Suspect #1:
DESCRIPTION: white, gray, tail-less; last seen wearing a pink collar with fake diamonds.