Sunday, November 18, 2007

FIELD NOTES: I have dreamed of feasting out of doors ever since I...

The weekend before Thanksgiving, 2007

...built a 9 foot-long table out of the old deck some years ago. After mixing 50 pound bags of cement, leveling landscape blocks, hauling gravel, patterning pavers, adding a fire pit and renovating the kitchen herb garden, my ‘banquet table’ and I found our so-called ‘happy place’. But while it has either been too cold, too rainy or too inconvenient to gather there for Thanksgiving, I still envision at least the post-feast coffee curling in crisp air, a fire just big enough to warm fingers, toes and noses, while we eat warm pie from porcelain plates – homemade fruity mince laced with rum, apple crisp, and the pumpkin topped with whipped cream that tastes good only on the third Thursday of November. Right now my table is leaf blown, acorn littered and the only ones feasting are squirrels and birds. The little spigot fountain is wrapped for winter and the sun umbrella is back inside the shed, but I ‘tsk-tsk’ over the debris that I didn’t get to because there will be more than I want awaiting me in the spring. The weather does not cooperate with my schedule, so all I can do today is make pies. All I can do today is watch the squirrels and birds enjoy themselves. All I can do today is abide with what I can harvest.

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