Thursday, January 1, 2009

Personal Holiday Note to Friends & Family

DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF MY DAD, Donald Kucinskas (January 1, 1921-January 6, 2009)
Obit Funeral

(This post is a temporary departure from the usual content of this blog and was originally written on December 31, 2008).

I started out 2008 with a "good feeling" about the coming year, but we all now know there were some less than stellar moments...and yet there were some victories...So what exactly 'ordered’ our days this past year? June, Jordan (18) graduated with honors from Henry Abbott Technical High School, also earning a certificate in Computer Graphics and is currently a Communications major at the University of Hartford. He also does design work for a Danbury print shop when he is at home. Also in June, Marissa (20) returned to Seattle for her second year, now a professional modern dancer with Spectrum Dance Theater. In August, Jonathan (23) who is a software tester at Pitney-Bowes had emergency open-heart surgery at Columbia-Presbyterian in NYC to replace a malformed heart valve that had developed an infection. After a harrowing experience, he is now fully recovered and trying to cope with labyrinthine medical bills. Bob works many shifts as a CNA at The Kent Specialty Care Center about 40 minutes away and I have two jobs as a Head Start preschool teacher based at our neighborhood school, then tutor evenings, Saturdays and summers at The Huntington Learning Center about a mile up the street. Grateful that my own children came home alive and well for the holidays, I have been rewarded with opportunities to help struggling children who do not belong to me also stay alive and well.

And what happens when we are ‘out of order’?

Well...stroll through the blog and hidden here and there you may find pleasant surprises or interesting snippets of what goes on at all hours of the day and night. I’ll try to add photos and gadgets for fun and maybe an audio clip if I can. It won’t stay the same because life doesn’t (and shouldn’t) always stay the same. I love to write and ‘muck about’ my blog and hopefully give some small gift to all who visit.

Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment at the bottom of this post or email me at and do come again! If you would like to hear the SOUNDTRACK to the slide show below, click the loudspeaker icon on the upper left. This year I'm leaving my 'feelings' about the coming year very open-ended...and open to prayer.


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