Sunday, June 14, 2009

FIELD NOTES: Her favorite color was green...

Sunday morning musing

...that’s what I remember my mother telling me when I asked her that question. Little-girl-me turned up her nose as if a piece of cabbage had just been put in her mouth. Green? boring. Back then I was all about purple and pink…BRIGHT purple and pink…even going so far as to paint the bathroom tile with grape juice. I still can admire violet and fuchsia in the garden, but I have recently noticed I am going ‘green’ in a different context…my appreciation moving farther down the plant…sliding down the slender slipperiness of the stem…to water sipping, life-sustaining…green. Perhaps it is me getting better with age…like fine wine and cheese…or…becoming more like my mother (a mode some swear they’ll never allow)…but as most conditions go, so goes green with both positive and negative connotations. I do find myself unconsciously attracted to green in my clothing choices, accessories and home décor…and if I gathered it together like a bushel of vegetables, it might make a serenely self-describing still-life…..…but then of course…….there’s blue!

Garden: Day 20

Garden 'camo' (NOT green)


  1. I like your pictures, especially the toad. My sister says she likes the color green, but it's because that's the color of money. I prefer red. No reason except I identify with it.

  2. There are 2 things I LOVE in red - cardinals and geraniums. Oh, I suppose I could add shoes to that, too!

  3. ...and vine-ripened tomatoes....

  4. The reds in fall foliage are always nice.
    So are sunsets with red in them