Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Comment on a post by The Everyday Adventurer
Snake Attack
"In defense of the garter snake, king snakes eat garter snakes as well as rattlesnakes, birds eat them, cats eat them, so one man's snake may be another man's dinner! Having grown up as a nature girl, I guess I learned to accept the indelicate side of the natural world early on, but find the beauties of nature intensified by virtue of this contrast. Respect in the natural world is very important, sometimes for our own safety. As a teacher, I try to challenge myself to bring these two sides together because as the saying goes: "We hate some persons because, we do not know them and we will not know them because we hate them" can go for all creatures (bugs, snakes). Frogs and ladybugs can seem cute so we like them! I wouldn't say I 'like' snakes, but I felt awfully bad when I accidentally ran over one with my lawn mower! That was NOT a pretty story and I will spare you the details! If anyone would like to take the challenge, here's a good site for easing into the world of snakes: Dave's Garden"

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  1. This is a great point, Diane. It's a thought that I didn't quite have time to include in the post. I'm glad you did, and it's a perfect example of why I tell people to read the comments. They add so much value to every post. Garter snakes aren't really any more dangerous than any other animal. Even poisonous snakes don't usually mean harm to humans. People have a natural revulsion of snakes, and we all need to use logic when we encounter them. Your comment was wonderful.