Sunday, May 31, 2009

FIELD NOTES: My own Flower of the Day...

Last day of May

...a picture-perfect weekend...and I am head over heels for the temperature and sun and breeze and blooms...barely have time to compose the words to express it. Although I always have hopes, I don't quite know what I will get when I plant things, but...if we consider the potential in what we sow and do our best to nurture its growth, we can love whatever comes of it; we can feel joy at its birth and accomplishment at its blooming...or, if it fails, take the opportunity to assess and develop the patience to persevere. Gardens teach us a lot...take care in choosing what you think you will love, know the care you will need to commit to and understand the power of weeds...

Featured flowers: Peony and Edith Wolford iris

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  1. I like the flowers and your words. I don't keep a garden right now, but I wish I did. May is my favorite month. I'm sorry to see it go.